About Us

Make That Louder was founded in January, 2021 by me, Adam Sliger! I spend the entirety of the 2010’s learning everything I could about recording and producing music, opening my first commercial studio, Sunray Recording Studio, in 2012.

Sunray Recording Studio

My friend David and I started that studio with a desk from Guitar Center, a few thousand dollars of gear from Facebook Marketplace, and whatever microphones we had accumulated after playing in a band together.

Over time, it evolved into a full time business, and we recorded a lot of great tunes for bands and artists in that room.

In 2017, we moved to a new, larger location, and rebranded as Pioneer Sound.

In late 2019, I moved to a home studio setup to cut down on overhead, and to focus more working on TV/film and custom music clients.

Since then, I’ve been focusing creating sync music, and have landed placements for clients like:

• Netflix
• HBO Max
• Hulu
• MotorTrend
• History Channel

Walt Disney World

and more!

In 2021, I started Make That Louder to serve as a resource for producers and engineers looking to improve their sound, and for artists looking to record their own music. As recording equipment has become more affordable, more and more artists are self-producing, so we’re here to help those artists create their best sounding music yet.

Playing on stage with my synth-pop project Night Winds

Recording The 502’s album at Pioneer Sound

Recording in an airplane hangar, very 2020