Florida Songwriter Houston Keen is Bringing “Southern Oranges” to Life

Florida Songwriter Houston Keen
Houston Keen

Houston Keen is a singer/songwriter from North Florida who has been making music for over a decade. He started playing guitar at the age of 12 and quickly developed a passion for music. “Despite no one in my family being musically inclined, my grandmother always had a great interest in having a musician in the family, so she always pushing me into it. Once I actually started making real money through music, it became a full driving force in my life,” Keen explains. Over time, Houston has honed his craft and became a well-respected performer in the Florida music scene.

Houston’s second full-length album has been in the works for over two years, and he is excited to release it to his fans. The recording process for this album was different from his previous work, and he describes “a much more methodical approach to creating the sonic atmosphere of each song.” Houston was able to bring in world-class musicians to collaborate on this project, resulting in some of the best work he has ever produced.

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Despite the long recording process, there were still magical moments that occurred during the production of this album. For Houston, those moments typically happened when a player plugged in and played freely without any constraints. Recording one song in particular, “Warmer Era,” had a therapeutic quality to it, with Houston screaming the lyrics and letting out all of his emotions.

Houston’s new album was recorded with a mix of historic and expensive equipment, including two separate Gibson SJ-200 acoustic guitars from 1951 and 1956. These guitars added a layer of authenticity and depth to the recordings that would have been impossible to achieve with modern instruments. “The moment that stands out to me most was recording with two separate Gibson SJ-200 acoustic guitars from 1951 & 1956. You could feel the ghosts of time inside those guitars.”

Houston Keen’s original song “Jenny”

When asked what fans could expect from his new album, Houston said that it would be more organic and honest than anything he had produced before. The album covers a wide variety but is all tied together under the moniker of “Southern Oranges.” Houston is excited for his fans to dive deep into the album and discover the complex musical moves and sharp lyrics that are present throughout.

“This collection of songs range in so many topics, but it all falls under the same moniker; “Southern Oranges”. When I named the album that, I just knew I had found the home that all of these songs can live in. To anyone that takes the time tor really peel through the album, will definitely find some really complex musical moves from all the players involved. The lyrics feel sharper than anything I’ve ever written, but also hold some reserve that softens moments, but twists the knife further In others.”

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Looking ahead, Houston plans to release his new album later this year and is excited to embark on a bigger and better tour with his band. He is also working on a more complete artist persona that incorporates his music with visual content.

Houston Keen is a singer/songwriter who has a passion for authenticity. His music is honest, organic, and complex, with sharp lyrics and complex musical moves that showcase his talent as a musician.

You can keep up with Houston Keen’s work by following him on Instagram (@houstonkeen) or by checking out his links here: https://linktr.ee/houstonkeen

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