Shure Condenser Mics (Our Top Picks)

Shure Condenser Microphones

Shure is a microphone brand that is primarily known for their dynamic microphones. The Shure SM7B, SM58, and SM57 are some of the most popular microphones ever built, and have been used on countless tours, stages, and in many recording studios. However, Shure also has many models of condenser microphones that you may not have …

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 vs Solo: Which USB interface is right for you?

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 vs Solo

Most musicians these days have embraced the world of digital audio. If you play instruments or produce music, then you’ve most likely heard of the term “Interface.” These interfaces are what connect us and our computers to the world of music production. A recording interface allows you to connect your instrument or microphone to a …

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Yamaha HS5 Review (Best affordable studio monitors?)

Yamaha HS5 Review Studio Monitors

Whether you’re looking for studio monitors, a jet ski, or a grand piano, Yamaha has your back. All jokes aside, Yamaha is one of the premier pro-audio brands, and the Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitors are their entry level studio monitor offering! You may be familiar with Yamaha’s NS-10 speakers, which have become a studio mainstay. …

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6 Best Condenser Microphones For Recording (2023)

Best Condenser Microphones

When it comes to recording vocals and instruments, nothing beats the detail of a large diaphragm condenser microphone! If you’re looking for the best condenser microphone for recording, we’re here to help! A condenser microphone is a mic that requires phantom power. Its larger diaphragm requires extra power to capture sound, and that power can …

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Best Ear Plugs for Concerts (2023)

Best Ear Plugs for Concerts

As a music producer, former touring guitar player, and music fan, I’ve been to countless concerts over the past decade. One thing I’ve learned through the years is how important proper hearing protection can be. Growing up, I never wanted to be the person with ear plugs in at shows. However, after some bouts with …

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Do you need a Cloudlifter for Shure SM7B? (Mic Gain Solution)

Do you need a Cloudlifter for Shure SM7b?

The Shure SM7B is a great workhorse microphone for any studio. It’s been used by platinum selling artists spanning several decades, and more recently, it’s become the mic of choice for podcasters and content creators. However, it’s also notoriously quiet. I personally have owned a pair of SM7Bs for a long time now, and depending …

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Arturia 49 Key MIDI Controller Review (Keylab 49 Essential)

Arturia 49

In my opinion, a good MIDI keyboard is one of the most important purchases a producer or songwriter can make. Music production is all about getting ideas out of your head and into your recording software, and often times, your MIDI controller is the toll you’ll use. When I was on the hunt for a …

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Warm Audio WA-47 Review (Best Neumann U47 Clone)

Warm Audio WA-47 Review

When it comes to studio condenser microphones, there is no shortage of choices. One popular category of studio microphones is tube microphones, like the Warm Audio WA-47. The WA-47 is inspired by the popular Neumann U-47 microphone, and at about 10% of the price, it’s one of the best sounding mics under $1,000. The Neumann …

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MOTU M2 vs Scarlett 2i2 (Best Cheap USB Interface)

MOTU M2 vs Scarlett 2i2

If you’re a budding audio engineer, a singer-songwriter looking to record your own songs, or a producer looking for a good mobile option, a 2-channel USB interface is a great option. Since there are so many affordable options, I’ll be putting the MOTU M2 vs Scarlett 2i2 by Focusrite, head to head, to see which …

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