How Long Does DistroKid Take to Upload to Spotify/Apple Music?

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So, you’ve got a finished song, EP, or album? Now you’re looking to get it distributed to streaming platforms. That means you’ve got to set a release date. So, how long does DistroKid take to upload to Spotify, Apple Music, and the rest of the streaming services?

Here’s the short answer: DistroKid can get your songs uploaded to streaming services in about one week.

Spotify is one of the quickest to process uploads, getting your song up in 2-5 days. Amazon is the quickest, and in my experience, they usually will have your song available the day after you upload it. Apple Music takes the longest of the major services, typically taking a full week.

So how long should you allow for your release?

This really only matters if you are setting your song to release as soon as it’s ready. If you want to set a release date in advance, as long as you allow for 8 or more days, your song should be available on all services at the same time.

How long does Distrokid take to upload?
These are the streaming services DistroKid will upload to. Ever used Deezer? Yeah, me either.

However, my advice is to give at least two weeks for each service to process your upload. You will want to do this to give plenty of time to get pre-saves, and to submit your song for Spotify editorial playlists.

How do I make sure my album is uploaded as fast as possible?

To make sure your release comes out in time, you’ll want to make sure that you enter all of the release information correctly. Any errors or policy violations will result in delays. For example, there are specific rules for uploading covers, adding featured artists, and even what can be included in your album art. Be sure to brush up on the guidelines before you hit that upload button.

Uploading to DistroKid
Make sure you stick to the rules when you upload your music!

If you don’t stick to those guidelines, you will have to make edits to the information you have uploaded, and your upload may be rejected by the stores.

Cover songs take longer to upload…

…so make sure to allow extra time for those! The Harry Fox Agency manages the licenses for cover songs, and their process takes a while. I’ve had covers take up to two weeks to go live on streaming services, so if you’re planning on releasing a cover, make sure to allot extra time for that process.

Be aware of manual review

Streaming services have to approve uploads to their services. Apple Music is the most particular, but all of the services have a review process. If your upload is selected for manual review, it may take longer to publish. This can add up to a week to the processing of your music, but during the holiday season, it can take even longer. If you’re wanting to publish new music around mid-late December, make sure to give extra time for manual review to take place. There’s no worse Christmas gift than a song getting stuck in manual review until January.

Is DistroKid worth it?

DistroKid is certainly my favorite distributor for uploading to Spotify/Apple Music and the rest of the streaming services/stores. I like their flat annual pricing, because it saves you from having expensive renewals every year, especially if you have a big catalogue of music.

If you want to try DistroKid, save 7% when you sign up using my link!

Whether you’re trying to get your music out ASAP, or you’re planning a future release, DistroKid is an awesome option at a great price. Check out their pricing plans for yourself, and then get to uploading!

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