BMI vs ASCAP – How to Choose a PRO (and Why It Matters)

Banner that reads BMI vs ASCAP

Whether you’re new to making music, or have been writing and producing songs for a long time, you’ll eventually come across a situation where you need to register your music with a performance rights organization! There are two main choices for PROs, and in this article, we’ll go through the pros (no pun intended) and …

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Songwriting Apps You Need (Top 5)

Gone are the days when songwriters were limited to pen, paper, and a trusty musical instrument. In today’s digital age, technology has revolutionized the way we approach songwriting, making it easier and more exciting than ever before. With a plethora of innovative apps at our fingertips, staying organized, creative, and productive as a songwriter has …

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100 Songwriting Prompts to Conquer Writers Block Once and For All

A man holding a banjo with the text "100 songwriting prompts" over top

Are you ready to kickstart your songwriting journey? If you’re feeling stuck or experiencing writer’s block, we’ve got you covered! In this list of songwriting prompts, we have compiled a collection of simple and engaging ideas to ignite your creativity. These prompts are like little sparks that can light up your imagination and help you …

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10 Songwriting Tips to Boost Your Creativity

Songwriting is a magical process that allows musicians to express their emotions, tell stories, and connect with audiences on a deep level. However, every songwriter encounters creative blocks at some point. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned songwriter, finding ways to enhance your creative process is essential. In this article, we’ll explore the top …

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What is a Tube Microphone?

tube microphones

A tube microphone, also known as a valve microphone, is a type of microphone that uses a vacuum tube to amplify the audio signal. These microphones have a warm and rich sound that is often preferred for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, and drums. In this article, we will explore the differences between tube and FET …

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Sasha M on Her Music, Recording Yourself as a Vocalist

Sasha M

Meet Sasha M, a pop artist who discovered her love for performing at a young age. After studying theater in school, Sasha realized the struggle of finding representation for people who looked like her. She found her true passion in songwriting, which allowed her to tell her own stories and express herself in ways she …

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Kramos: Electronic Music Producer


If you’ve been following the underground electronic music scene in recent years, you may have come across the name Kramos. Kramos is an electronic music project that has been creating buzz in the industry with its unique approach to production. We sat down with Brady Fink, the producer behind Kramos, to learn more about the …

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How to get the best deal on Reverb! (2023)

How to get the best deal on Reverb

If you’re a musician, producer, or engineer, you’re probably familiar with Reverb! Similar to Amazon or eBay, Reverb allows its users to both buy and sell products. Reverb was purchased by Etsy in 2019 for a whopping $275 million (that’ll buy a lot of guitars)! One thing that makes Reverb unique is the buyer’s ability …

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