PROFILE: Brandon Allshouse (Steel House Mastering)

Like a lot of the music business, Steel House Mastering’s Brandon Allshouse has spent some time in the restaurant world. Unlike many others, Allshouse has worked in renewed restaurants like Husk in Greenville, SC, and worked kitchens with Michelin starred chefs. When he’s asked about parallels between the culinary and musical arts, team work comes …

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PROFILE: Nicholas Roberto Di Lorenzo

Panorama Mixing & Mastering

Nicholas Roberto Di Lorenzo is a mastering engineer and studio owner based in Melbourne, Australia. His studio, Panorama Mixing & Mastering, has handled over 3,000 projects for clients around the globe since their founding in 2014. Having worked with labels like Universal Music Group, majesticcasual, and Sony ATV, Panorama is quickly establishing themselves as the …

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Do you need to know music theory to be a producer?

Do you need music theory to be a producer?

“Producer” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Some producers focus on making beats, others produce bands, some make remixes. When it comes down to it, we’re all working on music that we hope people enjoy. So, do you need to know music theory to be a producer? I’ll go ahead …

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PROFILE: Tyler Falcoa

Ty Falcoa

For some, music is a fun hobby. For others, it’s a career. For Rhode Island’s Tyler Falcoa, it seems to be something much deeper. Falcoa’s journey into the music world was certainly unconventional to say the least. “Music has always been there for me, even early on in my life.  It was and still is my …

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How Long Does DistroKid Take to Upload to Spotify/Apple Music?

So, you’ve got a finished song, EP, or album? Now you’re looking to get it distributed to streaming platforms. That means you’ve got to set a release date. So, how long does DistroKid take to upload to Spotify, Apple Music, and the rest of the streaming services? Here’s the short answer: DistroKid can get your …

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PROFILE: Thomas Filbert – Vratim (Drum Shoe)

Thomas Filbert – Vratim Drum Shoe

Between owning and operating Vratim (the company behind the Drum Shoe), playing in bands, and doing creative work for other bands and brands, Thomas Filbert is one of the busiest people I know in the music business. When you hear “a shoe company centered around drumming”, it might raise a few questions. However, it makes …

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