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If you’ve been following the underground electronic music scene in recent years, you may have come across the name Kramos. Kramos is an electronic music project that has been creating buzz in the industry with its unique approach to production. We sat down with Brady Fink, the producer behind Kramos, to learn more about the history of the project, his inspirations, and some insights he has for young producers.

Brady started making electronic music at the age of 16. His passion for music was sparked when he discovered electronic music and was drawn to the limitless possibilities that the genre offered. He admired the solo producers who were able to write multiple parts and weren’t limited by specific instruments. After almost a decade of producing, he realized that working solo was limiting and decided to bring on two new members to the project in 2022.

Despite being a relatively new name in the industry, Kramos has already achieved some notable milestones. The project has had some successful local shows that were built independently on a low budget. Kramos boasts over a million streams on their catalog, a number Brady never expected to reach. However, he is most proud of the music he’s working on currently, which he believes would have excited his younger self.

Kramos has worked extensively with Seth Munson, a professional who he praises for his ability to really understand the projects he works on. Kramos emphasizes the importance of building relationships with people who are good at what they do, who can provide valuable feedback, and care about the project as much as you do.

When asked about advice for young producers starting out, Kramos emphasizes learning the why of production instead of just the how. He also advises finding people who can provide valuable feedback and not seeking approval from anyone outside of those people. Kramos also advises young producers to avoid meeting their idols.

In terms of tools, Brady relies heavily on software rather than hardware for his productions. He uses Ableton as his DAW and regularly uses software synths like Serum, Sylenth1, and Ana2. For sampled instruments, Kramos uses Spitfire Audio/Kontakt Libraries. He trusts Focal Shape 65 monitors for production monitoring, and he relies on Slate’s VMR / Izotope for rough mixing, and Soundtoys and Valhalla DSP for sound designing.

Brady also stresses the importance of taking a break from music and consuming minimal musical content outside of creation. He prefers listening to books or podcasts most of the time, and when he does listen to music, he listens to entire albums from start to finish, drawing inspiration from the way the artist presented the album.

In conclusion, Kramos is a rising force in the electronic music industry, and Brady’s unique approach to production sets him apart from other producers in the field!

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