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Panorama Mixing & Mastering

Nicholas Roberto Di Lorenzo is a mastering engineer and studio owner based in Melbourne, Australia. His studio, Panorama Mixing & Mastering, has handled over 3,000 projects for clients around the globe since their founding in 2014.

Having worked with labels like Universal Music Group, majesticcasual, and Sony ATV, Panorama is quickly establishing themselves as the mixing and mastering studio of choice in Australia. Panorama primarily works in the pop and electronic genres, but their experience across a diverse range on genres has allowed them to build an impressive portfolio of songs.

Panorama Mixing & Mastering
The view from the couch at Panorama

Getting Started

Nicholas started his audio career as an intern in a recording studio. “I had just finished an internship position at a recording studio, and came to the realisation; RECORDING isn’t for me; the hours, the personalities and ability to manage creatives during that part of the process wasn’t my strong suit; so I said I’ll do everything and anything in the music industry; I just don’t know what. I landed an assistant position at a mastering studio; and the rest is history!

Becoming a customer focused studio

After founding Panorama, Nicholas found himself falling into a common pitfall for engineers.

“What started out as a focus on the “glamour” around mastering, the gear, the technique, the skills, has shifted to a focus on the results and customer experience. I can have all the coolest gear in the world, but if through my process I’m not able to connect the sound I put together with the creative vision of my clients, it counts for nothing. So I wish I was more focused on the CUSTOMER more than the PROCESS earlier on.”

Di Lorenzo is known for juggling relationships with engineers, producers, and artists. He’s always down for a conversation, a podcast interview, or to offer tips to anyone with questions. When I asked him how he manages all of these relationships, the answer is simple: iPhone Reminders.

Nicholas breaks down his iPhone Reminders system

Digital Minimalism is a big part of Di Lorenzo’s philosophy. The more apps, spreadsheets, and subscriptions you have to juggle to keep organized, the less likely you’ll be to stay on top of it. By condensing everything into one built-in app, Nicholas is able to keep everything organized and running smoothly. That lead him to ditch his CRM after several years of using it to keep communications organized.

What’s next for Nicholas Roberto Di Lorenzo?

“My Biggest goal for 2022 is to push myself outside my comfort zones; I’ve made things very easy for myself over the years; developing systems, building my business, client base and workflow. But I’ve always had a mantra from day one, if you’re not feeling the pressure; you’re not moving in this industry. So I have a project I’m developing at the moment which is under wraps but you’ll be hearing about soon enough!”

Get in touch!

Want to hear Nicholas’ work? Check out his portfolio on Spotify!

Check out Panorama’s official website here!

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