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Sasha M

Meet Sasha M, a pop artist who discovered her love for performing at a young age. After studying theater in school, Sasha realized the struggle of finding representation for people who looked like her. She found her true passion in songwriting, which allowed her to tell her own stories and express herself in ways she couldn’t before.

Sasha’s music is known for being empowering and inspiring. One of her favorite lyrics comes from a girl group song called “Knockout,” which she co-wrote. The lyrics go, “that girl’s a knockout / she’s gonna rock out / and all the haters see-you-laters better get out of her way.” Although the girl group disbanded, Sasha still considers the song iconic and strives for her solo music to have a similar quality.

Sasha is always working on new music, collaborating with talented writers and producers to create songs for her releases, pitch sessions, and sync placements. She also sometimes takes on vocal recording jobs to add value to the project.

Recording her own vocals can be challenging for Sasha, as it requires her to balance the technical mode of worrying about equipment and software with the performance mode of expressiveness and creativity. She has had to overcome past experiences with perfectionist recording engineers and learn to trust her own instincts.

When it comes to mics, Sasha’s choice is “nothing fancy, just a trusty Rode NT1-A. You need to test microphones before buying to find one that suits your voice, and incidentally this warm-toned workhorse suited my vocal well. I’ve used it for the past 7 years! It’s a condenser mic so it does need a sound treated room, or you can get a vocal chamber or microphone isolation chamber to help reduce room sound.”

Sasha’s music often tackles important topics such as personal boundaries, healing from trauma, and mental health, while maintaining a fun and upbeat vibe. She believes that people should hear her music to fully understand it.

Lastly, Sasha is excited to announce the upcoming release of her EP, which has a sci-fi concept that she can’t wait to share with her fans. Keep an eye out for her new music and get ready to be inspired by this talented artist!

To learn more about Sasha M, you can check out her Patreon or her website!

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