RC-20 Retro Color Review (Best Analog Plugin?)

RC-20 Retro Color Review

RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio is a nifty little plugin. With six different types of color to add to your source sounds, plus a magnitude slider, high and lo cut, and a width knob, this analog color plugin offers no shortage of options. What are the 6 effects in RC-20? NOISE: RC-20’s Noice effect …

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Is Splice Worth It? (2022)

Is Splice worth it?

When it comes to downloading samples, presets, and loops, Splice is undeniably the most popular option. They’ve got a huge library of one-shots, drum loops, and synth presets to explore. But is Splice worth it? What’s included with your subscription? At a price of $9.99/month, Splice’s “Sounds+” plan costs about the same as the cheapest …

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Slate Trigger Now Free?! (Best FREE Drum Trigger Plugin)

Drum sampling made easy. Nowadays, it’s standard to use drum trigger plugins to add samples to your drum recordings. However, when I first started producing music, It was hard to find a free drum trigger plugin. In 2012, my process looked a little like this: • Record live drums• Comp the takes together• Manually time …

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Best Drum Trigger Plugins (Free and Paid Options)

Recording drums can be tricky. Even if you capture amazing drum recordings, you might decide that you don’t love the tone of the snare you used that day. You may be recording a drummer who doesn’t hit as hard as they should. Or maybe your kick drum just isn’t filling in the mix as much …

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