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There are lots of great songs to test bass. Whether you’re trying out new headphones, testing a PA for a concert, or DJing at a club, it’s important to use reference songs to test different frequency ranges. Bass is one of the most important things when it comes to mixing, especially for clubs, so having good songs to test bass can be super helpful! Check out the songs below and see if they get your subwoofers shaking!

There are examples from lots of different genres, including rock, EDM, pop, and hip hop/R&B, so pick some songs that suit your taste and get to listening!

So here are my favorite songs to test bass!

Hip Hop/R&B

Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle (Explicit)

This song, from my favorite Kendrick album, features booming bass throughout. The mixing was handled by MixedByAli, one of the best mixers in the game. This is one of my favorite songs to test bass, since the sub bass is slapping the entire time.

Future – Stick Talk (Explicit)

Once the bass kicks in, it doesn’t stop. After the guitar and vocal intro, this beat hits hard with lots of bass to get your subwoofer pulsing. Bonus fact: this is the song Michael Phelps was listening to in the meme of him getting pumped up for his Olympic swimming event.

Songs to test bass

The Weeknd – The Hills

The Weeknd had a breakout year in 2015, and The Hills brought edge to his sound. This was all over the radio that year, but the bass in the chorus still gets the floor shaking.


Polyphia – 40 oz

Polyphia is known for their guitars, but this song has blasting sub-bass throughout. If you’re into shredding guitar and 808s, this is a great choice. Plus, the music video is hilarious!

Rage Against the Machine – Bombtrack

Everyone’s favorite anti-capitalist rap/rock group brings the bass with this song. This song is especially well-balanced, so don’t expect your back windshield to break from all the bass. This whole record sounds great in all frequency ranges, so if you’re looking to tune a PA, it’s a great choice.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

This tune is from later in the Chili Peppers’ career, so it may be underrated. Flea provides a stead bass line throughout. and the guitar is subdued, so if you’re looking to test bass guitar, this is a great choice.


Glass Animals – Heat Waves

Glass Animals were the breakout artists of 2021, and Heat Waves features an 808 running throughout. Dial in that EQ and feel it move!

Ellie Goulding & blackbear – Worry About Me

This song kind of went under the radar in 2020, but it features a nice bass line and lots of hard hitting kick drums. Two of my favorite artists working together is always cool!

Against The Current – Almost Forgot

Against The Current’s most catchy pop song is Almost Forgot. Penned by the band and Andrew Goldstein, it’s got lots of sub bass and a punchy kick drum to get your speakers bouncing.


Daft Punk – Derezzed

This tune from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack has tons of crunchy bass synths and a kick drum pounding throughout. Be careful not to get a speeding ticket when you listen to this one!

Zedd – Shave It Up

While “Clarity” was the big hit from this album, “Shave It Up” has the most energy. Thumping bass and lots of bassy synths make this a huge sounding tune.

Excision, Dion Timmer, Donna Tella – End Of The World

The drop on this song hits extra hard. This is a great one to get the ground shaking with lots of bass. Wait for the drop and feel it in your chest.

Classic Rock

Rush – Tom Sawyer

Geddy Lee is known for this bright and full bass tone, courtesy of that classic Rickenbacker (and Jazz Bass, later in his career). This song also has punchy drums and lots of bassy keyboards.

Van Halen – Runnin’ With the Devil

This might be the simplest bass line in the world, but it’s iconic for a reason.

Pink Floyd – Money

The bass drives the song in this classic tune, with the drums following along in an odd meter. This one has a more laid back bass groove, so this is a great choice to relax and just feel the bass.

Whatever your favorite genre is…

…we hope you enjoy listening to these bass-heavy tunes!

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