EQ Cheat Sheet (Settings and Frequencies Explained)

This free downloadable EQ Cheat Sheet will help you understand the basic frequencies and settings for applying EQ to your mix! Feel free to bookmark this page or print your own copy to reference any time you’re working on a song! Below, there are also video examples and more in depth written instructions for using …

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Pro Tools Ran out of CPU Power. Now What?

The power and capabilities of Pro Tools are unrivaled, allowing you to transform creative ideas into sonic masterpieces. However, navigating large projects with a multitude of tracks, plugins, and effects can lead to a familiar roadblock – running out of CPU power. When your system’s processing capabilities are stretched to their limits, it’s time to …

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Compressor Settings for Vocals

Achieving the ideal vocal compression requires a nuanced approach that maintains the singer’s dynamic expression while ensuring a controlled and polished sound. When compressing vocals, attention to detail is essential. The interplay of threshold, ratio, knee, attack and release, and gain can significantly impact the vocal’s presence and emotional impact. By carefully balancing these compressor …

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Drum Recording 101 (How to Mic Drums for Beginners)

Recording acoustic drums can be a challenging task, but the effort is well worth it when it comes to achieving a great sounding record. If the music you’re working on calls for live drums, but you’ve never recorded drums before, or you’re just looking to improve your drum recordings, we’ll be breaking down the steps …

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How to Record Banjo – Tips and Tricks to get a great sound

A graphic that reads "The Complete Banjo Recording Guide" with a photo of a banjo player

The banjo is a wonderful instrument that’s heavily featured in bluegrass, country, folk, and even pop/rock music. Its unique sound makes it stand out in a mix, but it also can be tricky to record. If you’re not sure how to record banjo, or just want to take your banjo recordings to the next level, …

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What is a Pop Filter? Do I need one?

Do I need a pop filter for recording vocals?

If you’re learning about music recording and production, chances are, you’ve heard of pop filters! You may not know what a pop filter is, and why it would be useful. We’ll break down what a pop filter is, and when you need to use one. What is a pop filter? A pop filter is a …

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What is Ear Fatigue? (Plus 3 ways to prevent it!)

What is ear fatigue?

Contents1 What is ear fatigue?1.1 Mental causes of ear fatigue1.2 Physical causes of ear fatigue2 Why should audio engineers avoid ear fatigue?2.1 Long term hearing health2.2 Short term quality of audio work3 How audio engineers can avoid ear fatigue3.1 1: Maintain reasonable listening volumes3.2 2: Take frequent breaks3.3 3: Know when to call it a …

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Do I Need a Subwoofer For Mixing? (3 Things To Consider)

Do I Need a Subwoofer?

If you’re musician, producer, or just someone who listens to music at home, you may asking yourself “do I need a subwoofer?” In this article, we’ll break down the different uses in which a subwoofer might come in handy, and suggest some of our top picks for boosting bass frequencies! Contents0.1 What is a subwoofer?0.2 …

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