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Ty Falcoa

For some, music is a fun hobby. For others, it’s a career. For Rhode Island’s Tyler Falcoa, it seems to be something much deeper. Falcoa’s journey into the music world was certainly unconventional to say the least.

“Music has always been there for me, even early on in my life.  It was and still is my overarching guardian.  I remember growing up, going to tee ball practice with my Dad, listening to Van Halen on the way there.  At the age of ten I was injured in Football which led me to sit out for the entire season.  My Dad brought home a guitar for me to play, so I could have something to do.  Fast forward to the next year, my family and I lost half of our home in a house fire.  This led to lots of therapy for me which in turn helped me organize my thoughts, anxieties and feelings in writing.  Those two events single handedly got me started on the music path.”

Tyler and his brother, Ryan, started posting covers of Top 40 songs on YouTube in 2010. Since then, Tyler has honed his production skills and started working with other artists.

Tyler & Ryan

“The mixing, producing and writing for others came as a byproduct of doing all of that for my personal music projects! I was always obsessed with the recording process and wanted to get into a studio so badly when I was a kid.  I did everything I could to get equipment with the little money I had.  I downloaded a free program called “Audacity”, plugged in my USB microphone from my “Rock Band” video game for Xbox into my Dell computer, and began learning on YouTube.  That became my first “studio”.  I would obsess over this process.  I remember coming home from school in eighth grade so I could go straight into my room and record until bedtime, almost everyday.”

Managing OCD in the music business

Tyler is an outspoken advocate for OCD awareness in music. “OCD awareness is something I’m so passionate about…It has always been helpful for me to talk about my OCD, even as a child.  I’ve always had such a need to talk it out with people, whether it be to my therapists, family, friends or even on social media.  It re-enforces to me everything I have learned, while at the same time educating those who are struggling with it on their own.” While it may not be easy to navigate a music career while managing OCD, Tyler has found ways to make it work.

“The music business is no easy maze to roam in, just like much of the entertainment world, however as I grow older and learn more about it through my own experiences, I know my thresholds.  I know when I need to step back and take a break.  I know when I need to push myself a little harder.  It’s all in balance, and this is something I talk about with my friends who are in other industries as well.  It’s not about the short term, it’s about the long term.  How can we expect to have longevity if we burn out and don’t take care of our mental well-being and physical well-being now? 

For me, it’s all in the little details of showing up.  I wake up early everyday and don’t touch social media.  I listen to affirmations while stretching.  Once I finish that, I read, meditate and then I go for coffee.  Those are all little tasks that play into how well the day can go for me.  No matter what the day looks like! For me, those habits ground me, and remind me of what’s important.”

Tyler Falcoa details his experiences with OCD in this clip

Balancing being an artist and producer

It’s not easy producing and mixing for other artists while working on your own music. It can be tricky to find time to dedicate to both.

“Balancing a career as a solo artist and working with others is no easy task, however for me, I find everything in balance and habit.  I make it a habit to get up early and start my day so I can put segmented time into everything I need to do.  I’ll usually have 4-5 jobs at a time going for others which I make my first priority.  In the mornings and weekends, I’ll put some work into my solo music.  It’s less about getting it all done quickly for me, rather it’s about getting it done efficiently so everyone is happy in the end. “

TY Falcoa & Nikita Afonso – I Don’t Think I’m Doing This Right

What’s next for Tyler?

“From a broad point of view, I’m working on my center.  I’m working on becoming more of a reflective individual rather than a reactive one.  That in turn will help me become a better engineer, producer, friend, partner etc.  I am leveling up in all aspects of my life this year by focusing on my inner world.  That to me is the most important, especially in the industry we work in.  We need to be kinder, reflective, and more open towards each other if we want to continue to create work that transcends money, time and circumstance.  We need to dive deeper into ourselves in order to reach and connect to more of those around us. 

From a specific point of view, I’m working on my master chain (lol)! I want to use more analog gear, especially when it comes to polishing my mixes.  That in itself is something I am really excited about honing in on. “

2022 looks to be a big year for Tyler, so follow along here: https://linktr.ee/tylerfalcoa

Stream TY Falcoa’s solo music: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4rW68qbzWgJmSBaHx74NRm?si=16185b7af3e44651

And his production portfolio: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4Q9DkYlr7JhplGoafBkgeC?si=f3c68a2366da4c88

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